We Started with Small in 2012. Just teaching the Tamil Language to kids in the neighborhood and few adults. Through a reference we got a call from the leading US Based MNC Groupon to teach the Tamil Language for a few of their employees in 2013. With a lot of excitement, we went for a first meeting with the HR and L&D department Team. We thought there could be 3 to 5 employees who might want to learn the Tamil Language. But After the meeting, we understood the organization has got more Employees from other states and the HR Team  want to give them an opportunity to learn the Tamil Language.

The HR team sent a mail to all employees including senior management. out of 500 employees 150 shown interest to learn Tamil Langauge. Though this is our first corporate inquiry we really felt very happy and realized we are on the right track.

All our sessions with those 150 employees from around 18 states were really fun and interactive. Our First day Started with Thamizh Thaai Vazhthu and a brief introduction to Tamil Language and Culture.

Groupon Corporate Tamil Langauge Sessions was really a great motivation for us.

We really Thank the HR Team and L & D Team for the opportunity

Love Tamil Learn Tamil