Thamizh Mozhi Koodam is a professional organization, focused primarily on teaching Tamil Language, Tamil culture and Tamil Tradition. Established in 2012, The main aim of our organization is to promote Tamil language and Culture Globally and to create interest in the Tamil language to the next generation. We have been conducting basic as well as advanced Tamil learning courses covering a wide variety of participants from students, Professionals, Government Officers, Expats Homemakers, Celebrities, Top Management officials and more.

The basic Tamil learning course trains participants to speak the Tamil language in 30 hours while the advanced course will be training to read, write and speak in 100 Hours. We are working closely with IIT- Madras to train students in Tamil inside the IIT Madras campus from 2016. We have trained Central Government Senior Officials from CPWD, SERVICE TAX, GST, AGS Departments posted in Chennai in Spoken and Written Tamil. We also prepared Officials for Department Examinations in the Central Government. We were honoured to teach the Tamil language to the Consulate General of Singapore, INKO CENTRE, Chennai and Chennai American Consulate officials through our organization.

Our teaching methods are unique and innovative with a mix of written, Oral and visual sessions through our digital classrooms. We also conduct summer and winter camps for children aimed at promoting Tamil language, culture, and heritage to the younger generation. Our cultural wing teaches Tamil music, dance (both classical and folk), drama and ancient Traditional games.

We support Tamil Heritage tourism by sharing our knowledge about different aspects of Tamil culture to foreign nationals on their cultural tours. We are the authorized Chennai centre for Tamil Virtual Academy, [ Govt of Tamil Nadu] for providing training and for conducting examinations. We work very closely with the Tamil Development Department in Tamilnadu to Develop the Tamil Language in the State, Country and Globally.

Love Tamil
Learn Tamil

 Love Tamil, Learn Tamil is Our Mantra

Only in TamilNadu a person can Born, go to school, finish their college, take up a job and retire without learning the Tamil Language.

The Younger Generations are not considering Tamil as their preferred language. There are so many reasons and opportunities for them to avoid the Tamil Language. Even though it’s their Mother Tongue still they skip learning Tamil. That’s the pathetic situation. we are here to address that.

From Our End with the best possible ways, we  try to create an interest to learn the Tamil Language  and to explore Tamil Culture & Tradition with the younger generations.

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